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The Titian Peale Butterfly and Moth Collection

The Titian R. Peale Butterfly and Moth Collection, housed at The Academy of Natural Sciences, is one of the oldest entomological collections in North America.


18 July 2000 at Pena Blanca, Santa Cruz Co, AZ

Howard Byrne

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Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America       David L. WagnerDale F. Schweitzer , J. Bolling Sullivan,Richard C. Reardon              Eight hundred and fifteen species of eastern owlets.  More than 2,100 color photographs illustrating many species for the first time. First North American insect guide to offer hundreds of images of live moths in their natural resting postures. Extensive information on owlet biology, natural enemies, classification, and finding and rearing owlet caterpillars Includes food-plant records for each species and food-plant index.