Moth Websites in North America


Bill Oehlke’s Underwing (and sphinx and silkworm) pages

Moth Photographers Group

BAMONA: Butterflies and Moths of North America

Images of North American Moth Species

NAMBI: North American Moths Backyard Inventory



Tortricidae Resources

Allen Chartier’s Moths: North and South America

MothLists: Moths around the world

HOSTS: Database of the World’s Lepidopteran Host Plants

Northeastern U.S.

Caterpillars of Eastern Forests


Moths in a Connecticut Yard – John Himmelman


Moths of Prince George’s County, MD – Bob Patterson

Moths of Maryland – Larry Line


Caterpillars of Massachusetts – Sam Jaffe

Moths of (mostly) Massachusetts – Tom Murray

Moths of Athol Massachusetts – Dave Small

Moths – Mostly Massachusetts – Jenn Forman Orth

Catocala of Massachusetts – Bill Oehlke

–New Jersey–

Guide to the Moths of Middlesex County, NJ – Rich Wolfert


Moths of Adams & York Counties, PA – Bob Moul

Moths of the Blue Mountain area of Pennsylvania – John Wheatley

Southeastern U.S.

Moths & Butterflies of Georgia and the Southeastern U.S. – James Adams

–North Carolina–

Moths of Durham, NC – Dorothy Pugh


Moths of Finish Flag Farms, Henderson, TN – Ken Childs

Moths of 2011, Henderson, TN – Ken Childs (Album will be deleted at the end of 2011 and best photos will be incorporated into Moths of Finish Flag Farms album.
Slow loading – all pictures on one page
Faster loading – 20 pictures per page

Moths of Oak Ridge, TN – Kris Light


Moths from Virginia – Carol Statton DiFiori

Midwestern U.S.


Moths of Iowa – James Durbin


Moth Magic from Michigan – Cindy Mead (still under construction)


Moths of Minnesota (and Maine) – David Reed


Prairie Haven Moths – Buffalo County, WI – Marcie O’Connor

Southwestern U.S.


Moths of Southeastern Arizona (and Maryland) – Arlene Ripley

Moths of Southeastern Arizona – Bruce Walsh


Moths of Texas – Knudson & Bordelon

Pacific Northwest U.S.

Moths of the Pacific Northwest – John Davis
Collection 1
Collection 2 (Noctuidae)
Collection 3 (Geometridae)


Moths of the Ottawa Area – Lynn Scott